Mobile Apps for ECPs

Progressive Identifier App

Finally, a better way to identify progressive lenses!

Empower your eyecare practice with our cutting-edge Progressive Lens Identifier for ECP app.

Need to identify a progressive lens from its engravings? Or want to know what engravings a particular lens has?

Download and identify over 1,200 lenses, search engravings, and access important details like availability, materials, filters, and recommended fitting height. Stay updated with regular additions of new lenses.


Optical Calculator App


Optical calculations at your fingertips.

Optical Calculator by Lens Shapers is simply the best mobile app available for those important calculations. There is no need to look up any formulas or equations anymore. Plug in your parameters, tap to change them, and watch your results update live.

Try our easy-to-use app to calculate Stock Lens Cutout, Lens Thickness, Vertex Compensation, Transpose Rx, Intermediate Rx, Prism Compounding, and many more!


Optical Measurements App

For contactless PD measurements.

Optical Measurements is designed for Eye Care Professionals to facilitate contactless PD measurement of their patients. By incorporating both AR (Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), the app offers accurate results, fast.

  • Binocular & Monocular PDs
  • Takes 300 readings within 3 seconds for accurate results
  • Save and share patients’ PD records with images for reference

Rx Verification App


Ensure Rx accuracy against ANSI tolerances.

The ultimate tool for verifying prescription accuracy against ANSI tolerances. Say goodbye to the hassle of going through lengthy tolerance charts. With this app, all you need to do is plug in the measurements and it will quickly tell you if the lenses are acceptable.

Rx Verification for ECPs app can verify prescriptions including prism, base curve, lens thickness, imbalance for all lens types.

Verifying prescription accuracy has never been this easy!


Lens Cutout App

Simplify lens edging in your practice.

Lens Cutout app makes it super easy to check whether your frame shape will cut out in a given lens. The app lays out actual measurements on your iPhone or iPad screen.

  • 100% actual measurements on your screen, calibrated for all iOS devices.
  • Verify cutouts even when the frame or frame shape is not available.
  • Separate support for OD & OS.
  • Verify in real time, how much PD/OC/SH you will have to push to make the cut-out.

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