Terms & Conditions

Policy Update: April 1, 2022

Non-Adapt Warranty

  • 90 days, one-time non-adapt return warranty on progressive lenses orders only.
  • Lenses must be returned to Lens Shapers within 90 days of original invoice date to be eligible for credit.

Doctor’s Rx Change Warranty

  • 90 days, one-time Doctor’s Rx change replacement warranty.
  • Lenses may only be replaced with new Rx within 90 days of original invoice date. Lenses are not eligible for return credit if a replacement order is not placed.
  • Lens Shapers reserves the right to request proof of Rx change (original and new prescriptions) where needed.

Coatings Warranty

  • One-time warranty on coatings against normal use. Warranty period depends on the coating type. Please refer to Coatings & Treatments section of the price list for warranty periods and protection information. Warranty may be denied if there is evidence of aggressive use.
  • Only original prescription, lens type, material, and coating can be used for replacement. No changes are allowed in warranty orders.

Material Warranty

  • Only Polycarbonate, Trivex, and HiVex materials carry a one-time chipping/breakage warranty for a period of 1 year. No other materials carry chipping or breakage warranty.

Manufacturing Warranty

  • Orders must be returned if found defective upon receipt for a no charge replacement.
  • Orders may not be covered for workmanship related defects after 30 days of the invoice date.

Order Cancellation or Change

  • Cancellation or change of an order before the manufacturing process has begun will be processed at no charge.
  • Cancellation or change of an order for which manufacturing process has already begun will be invoiced with a 30% discount


  • Lenses being returned for credit or replacement must carry original and/or remake invoice number & reason for return. Credits may be delayed or rejected if essential information is missing.
  • Credits may take up to 30 days for processing and may appear on the next month’s statement.
  • Customer is responsible for shipping cost of returns. If a pre-paid waybill is used, the shipping amount will be deducted from the credit.
  • Returns should be sent through a traceable delivery service. Lens Shapers is not responsible for items lost in courier.

Coatings Requirement

  • Certain lenses and materials require minimum SRC, HC, or AR coatings. Minimum coating may be added to an order automatically if no coating has been mentioned. Please refer to the price list for minimum coating information.
  • Coating on edged lenses is not available.

Industrial/Safety Orders

  • Safety stamps are only available on orders that are surfaced and edged & mounted by Lens Shapers.


  • Tint orders with AR coating may not be an exact match due to the AR coating process. Tint colour and intensity may vary up to 20% from the provided sample.

Frame to Come & On Hold Orders

  • Frame to Come: Lenses waiting for customer’s frame for more than 60 days will be billed and shipped to the customer as uncut. Lenses and frame can be shipped back to the lab once frame is available.
  • On Hold: Orders on hold for more than 60 days will be cancelled or billed and shipped back to the customer.

Customer/Patient Own Product

  • Lens Shapers does not accept customer/patient own lenses for edging or any other process.
  • All processes involving patient own frame & lenses will be at customer’s own risk. While extreme care is practiced, Lens Shapers cannot accept responsibility for any damage. No warranty or repair/replacement cost is paid in such cases.


  • Statements are sent out on the first working day of the month.
  • Statements are delivered through email unless explicitly instructed and agreed upon an alternative method of delivery.


  • All payments are due by the 15th of following month. Payments shall be made payable to “Lens Shapers Inc.” and are acceptable by cheque or VISA/Mastercard credit cards.
  • Finance charges will be added to late payments at the rate of 24% annual (or 2% monthly).
  • Each bounced cheques or a denied credit card payment will be back-charged with a $50 penalty.
  • Past due accounts may be put on automatic holds.
  • Volume discount, if any, is only applicable if payment is received by the 15th of following month.
  • Lens Shapers reserves the right to require pre-authorized credit card payment based upon credit history.

Phone Orders

  • All orders taken over the phone will be confirmed and verified by reading the order back.

Shipping & Handling

  • Shipping is free to all commercial addresses, unless otherwise notified. No credit will be given for pick-ups.
  • Shipping to residential addresses will incur shipping charges. Please refer to the price list.
  • Orders placed through non-online methods may incur a handling fee. Please refer to the price list.
  • Lens Shapers is not responsible for frames or other customer own products lost in transit by the courier company.
  • Accounts under $500/month volume (Lens Shapers & StockCenter combined purchases) or where accounts are deemed infrequent by Lens Shapers, a surcharge fee of $5.00/order may be charged.


  • All prices are in Canadian Dollars and Per Pair unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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