The Optical Calculator App

Optical calculations at your fingertips.

Optical Calculator by Lens Shapers is simply the best mobile app available for those important calculations. There is no need to look up any formulas or equations anymore. Plug in your parameters, tap to change them, and watch your results update live.

Try our easy to use app to calculate

  • Stock Lens Cutout
  • Lens Thickness
  • Vertex Compensation
  • Transpose Rx
  • Intermediate Rx
  • Prism Compounding
  • More coming soon…

The Calculators

Available Now:

Stock Lens Cutout  |  Lens Thickness  |  Vertex Compensation
Transpose Rx  |  Intermediate Rx  |  Prism Compounding

Coming soon:

Tilt & Wrap Compensation  |  Contact Lens Rx  |  Diopter / Radius Conversion
Combined Prescription  |  Induced Prism  |  Prism Resolution  |  Vertical Prism Imbalance

Available on iPhone & iPad


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